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Ladies and Gentlemen, we are happy to offer you: photo shoots, catwalk shows, organization of various events, and also hire of attractive and unique male and female models and hostesses. We cooperate closely with companies across Europe. Hostesses and hosts that work for Sam’s Angels agency are polite, beautiful / handsome people who have good command of languages and appropriate skills to proudly represent your company both at trade fairs and on catwalks. Owing to our great experience, engagement, and professionalism, the people selected for particular activities enjoy huge recognition from our clients which results in long-lasting relations and fruitful cooperation. As we have professional photo studios at our disposal in the centres of big cities and hire a qualified and experienced team, we are able to run extraordinary photo sessions in most places assisted with our male and female models. We are involved in promotional and advertising activities of small local projects as well as big corporate events of a national scope. We specialise in services of trade fairs, conferences, banquets, outdoor parties, shopping centre promo events, team building and business events. .
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Business Events

Events – organising parties, conferences, and large events.  We organise and run services of all kinds of events from top to bottom. We have experience in organising and running medium and big conferences, which requires specialised knowledge and command of various issues. In most cases, there and then we are able to prepare a conference counting from several dozen people to a symposium for a few thousand participants. Scenario ideas, logistics, catering services are our strengths. We specialise in preparing great visual effects and creative materials. Thanks to the long-lasting cooperation with our events partners, we are also able to organise outdoor and club events, and everything that is „impossible” for other agencies, with us becomes a reality. We are the team which is open to every kind of cooperation, as we know that if our client is satisfied, we are satisfied as well. We address our offer to large corporates, big companies, as well as to small businesses. Business and team building events are a great way for creating a cohesive team, which directly leads to a greater productivity and effectiveness at work. Business integration events are a powerful and motivating factor for employees who, during such an event, have an opportunity to become acquainted with employers and co-workers in a less formal way. During this type of event, not only do perfect service and exquisite catering matter, but also interesting, active entertainment that integrate the team is important. Organising successful events is our passion. We offer credible and comprehensive services remembering about the right setting and effects.
  • conferences
  • -concerts
  • Thematic events
  • parties nad promo events
  • outdoor events
  • new products presentations
  • anniversary events
  • exhibitions, cocktails
  • Christmas Party, carnival balls, christmas eve
  • team building events

Photo Shoots

We organise and run professional photo sessions. We have photo studios to use at our disposal in the centres of bigger cities. We offer a stylisation and make-up for models that take part in photo shoots, and a decoration of a chosen place. The photo services include: Portrait, ,Fashion, Glamour, Make-up, Stylisation, Portfolio. Long-term partnership with artistic tailors enables us to quickly produce or match appropriate outfits for the needs of a photo session and promotional and advertising activities. Our services within photo sessions are also directed to individual clients, so if you have a concept for a shoot or you want to make an adorable surprise photo session for the person you love, you are welcome. We will also help you out with making a calendar or photo album.
The atmosphere in a studio or in a chosen setting is created not only by a place but first of all by our well-coordinated and energetic team. We guarantee openness to new ideas and full professionalism. Work experience both with professional models and people who have little or no experience in front of the camera lenses is a source of motivation for further development.

  • Portret
  • -Glamour
  • Fashion
  • Portfolio
  • Stylisation
  • Make up

Artists , Event Staff , Top hostess

Experience in events-music sector connected with a base of reliable stage performers and indispensable event staff enables us to organise a top quality event. Our motto is to provide our clients with top quality stage services at every kind of event, both public and private. We cooperate with famous entertainers and those who already begin their career on stage at the same time. Our offer includes: lead singers, musicians , dancers , circus artists, masters of ceremonies, and other stage performers who are so much needed at prestigious events.
What distinguishes us from other events agencies which organise the setting is the possibility to offer you the original project tailored for a particular event, which is because we provide the music production by ourselves.

  • Lead singers
  • Musicians
  • Dancers
  • Visual and stage setting
  • Circuit artists
  • Masters of ceremonies
  • Hostesses
  • Oryginal musical setting

Music Projects

We create and support new music projects. We help new musicians who have potential to be recognised thanks to creating a project, getting grants and organising stage events. We cooperate with multiple recording studios across Poland. Our foundation is electronic music that we mix with “live” sounds of instruments and vocal.
With us you can record your own single, demo recording, or make a CD recording.
If we see the potential in the text of yours- we will create the sound for it. However, if you already created a good „piece of music” and you have no idea of what to do next, we are happy to help you out.  We are open to new ideas.  Make your creative music dreams come true and show them to the world! If you think we can help each other with music projects, you are welcome to contact us through the contact form below.

We cooperate with:

  • Composers
  • Lead signers
  • Musicans
  • Dj-s>
  • Sound directors
  • Recording studios
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